The Top 10 Best Games of 2023

Marve's Spider-Man 2 for PS5 and Spider-Man pint glass

WHAT A YEAR for gaming. The hits (across all genres) just kept coming and coming. Gamers were spoiled this year, and I’m not sure I’ve ever 100% completed this many games in such a short time. I ended up being in for a surprise when I found it difficult to choose the 10 best games […]

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Why Is Retro Gaming So Popular?

Collage of retro game carts: Donkey Kong 64, Spider-Man for N64, Donkey Kong (Gameboy), Turtles in Time, Star Wars Jedi Power Battles, Rocket Knight Adventures, X-Men 2 Clone Wars for Genesis

I’ve been on a massive retro gaming kick since we moved into our new house. Modern games simply haven’t had as much appeal for me recently! I’m finding so much to love about older titles. And I keep being delighted that classic games I play for the first time (like Rocket Knight Adventures on the

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Top 10 Best Wii Games

Zelda Skyward Sword for Wii with 25th Anniversary Symphony CD and Skyward Sword Joy Cons

As I packed my collection for our recent move, I realized I have the fewest games for the Wii of any Nintendo console! I need show this little “revolution” from Mr. Iwata some more love. It’s unique controls and gimmicks were a breath of fresh air at release (and provided a great distraction for me

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Top 10 Best Games of 2020

Final Fantasy VII Remake Deluxe Edition

We all know that 2020 has been nothing short of horrible, for so many reasons. But there is at least one bright spot: a lot of fantastic video games were released! I know I’m not alone in being grateful for games in a time of quarantine and such anxiety. They’ve really helped me manage stress

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