Retro Collecting

Stories about, and tips and tricks for, collecting retro games and gaming collectibles!  Plus, a few fun finds from my own collection.

Underrated N64 Games

Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon for N64 cart, box, and poster from Fangamer

The Nintendo 64 is a gem of a console. If you’ve perused my website at all, you’ll quickly see it’s packed full of N64 nostalgia. Though my favorite Nintendo console continues to be the Super Nintendo, I own the most games for my Nintendo 64. I’ve already taken a look at my top 10 favorites …

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N64 Funtastic Controllers List

Grape purple, fire orange, watermelon red, jungle green, ice blue funtastic n64 controllers

I’ve always loved bright colors. I was known for my bold shirts and ties as a teacher, and I spearheaded a “wear bright colors” day in my grad school program during New England winter. They’re just so fun and joyful! Combine this with my nostalgia for the N64 era, and naturally I’m obsessed with the …

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N64 Operation Card Archive

Wave Race 64 Operation Card Side 1

Even if you’re a big Nintendo 64 collector, it’s possible you may not even remember these things. As far as I can determine through my extensive research (AKA some Google searches and message board perusal), there were only 9 games in the entire N64 library that included an “N64 operation card”. They were designed to …

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