The Most Relaxing Nintendo Switch Games

If you’re looking for the most relaxing Nintendo Switch games, you’re not alone. Video games have always been a source of comfort for me. They provide a nice escape when things are very hectic, and personally help me manage anxiety. It’s nice to feel some control in a game when the world seems out of control! I very much enjoy a bold narrative-driven game or very intense platforming challenge-it’s helpful to focus energy on overcoming obstacles in a game. But sometimes you just need a cozy, low-stress experience. I especially like unwinding with the Switch because you play it anywhere in your house easily! So in no particular order, these are my personal favorite relaxing Nintendo Switch games.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

I mean, this one is obvious. Just looking at sales of this game alone during 2020, it’s clear that New Horizons has been the relaxing game all of us need right now! My wife has been a fan of the series since New Leaf on the 3DS, but this was actually my first exposure to it. And my gosh, it’s so therapeutic. I find it so calming to do my daily “chore loop” and slowly build a little island paradise. I wish a few mechanics could be tweaked to make the game flow a little better, but I love the island life and this game is nearly as relaxing as a real trip to the beach. The seasonal changes and events are very clever and bring a lot of whimsy to the whole experience too! And the sound effects and music of this game are beyond charming. They always get stuck in my head! I was surprised at how easily New Horizons grabbed a top spot in my top 10 best games of 2020.

Animal Crossing New Horizons on Switch, bell bag, and Blathers amiibo
One of my favorite parts of Animal Crossing is curating the museum. I love Blathers!

Coffee Talk

My wife and I both love working and hanging out in coffee shops and pubs. We find them very warm and cozy, and enjoy casual conversations with the staff and other patrons. And gosh have we missed them throughout this past year! Coffee Talk was the perfect antidote-exactly what we missed about real cafes, distilled into video game form! It’s essentially a relaxing visual novel with a bit of drink-making thrown in. Very calming, but still thought provoking as you get to know the customers, their lives, and the issues they struggle with. We both enjoyed the game so much that I wrote a Coffee Talk review-check it out, then go play the game! You won’t be disappointed.

Nintendo Switch playing Coffee Talk with coffee mug, notebook, and plant nearby

Stardew Valley

I started to play Stardew Valley on a Friday last November. It was a cold night and we had a fire going. I was still teaching and it had been a long week, so I figured I’d try an in-game day or two, then head to bed. The next thing I knew, it was well past midnight and I thrown several more logs on the fire! I seriously couldn’t stop. It’s a simple premise based on the Harvest Moon series-you inherit a farm from your Grandfather, and quit your busy day job to move to it. From there it’s really up to you in terms of how you play the game. There’s an amazingly intricate town with delightful citizens you can get to know over time. There are fun festivals and events. And you can grow your farm however intensely you’d like. Each “day” lasts only 15 minutes or so, which is perfect for playing just one or two a night (but you’ll do more, because it’s so fun). Easily one of the most relaxing Nintendo Switch games.

Stardew Valley Collector's Edition for Nintendo Switch
You can still pick up this delightful Stardew Valley Collector’s Edition from Fangamer! The wooden stand up figures have amazing craftsmanship.

Yoshi’s Crafted World

My girls (2 and 3 years old, at the time of this writing) are obsessed with the Yarn Yoshi amiibo. I bought one for each of them when we were out shopping awhile back, and it was only a matter of time before we had to try out Yoshi’s Crafted World too! And we had a great, relaxing, time playing through it as a family. It’s simple, fun, colorful, and cute without being “too cute”. The graphics alone are charming to the point where I’m instantly calmer just looking at them! There’s even a “mellow mode” where Yoshi always flies, barely gets hurt, and has more heart pick-ups, essentially eliminating stress. If that doesn’t say “one of the most relaxing Nintendo Switch games”, I don’t know what does!

Yoshi's Crafted World, Woolly World, and Yarn Yoshi amiibos
My girls have more than a few Nintendo stuffies! If you have a Wii U, Yoshi’s Woolly World is also wonderfully relaxing.

The Gardens Between

I downloaded this on sugggestion from one of my best friends a few months ago. It’s a short and sweet puzzle game about the friendship of two young people who live next door to each other. Between their homes is the titular “garden” they spend time in together. Uniquely, the game is experienced through their memories, and your controls during them are very limited. You can only move backward or forward in time, and each character has one way to interact with the environment. It’s pretty straightforward (though some of the later puzzles do get a bit challenging). One of the reasons I find it so calming is that there’s no dialogue at all. Regardless, the memories recreated as you play are so beautiful, and resonate universally. Get cozy and try it out! Oh, and you’ll probably cry at the ending, but in a good way.

The Gardens Between physical edition on Switch with manual and soundtrack
The Gardens Between Collector’s Edition from Super Rare Games is beautiful. I love the soundtrack cover, seen here in our lavender plant, because lavender is calming. That works, right?

New Pokemon Snap

I’ve always loved Pokemon Snap on the N64. It was so unique- an “on rails” game where you take pictures of Pokemon in their natural habitat, trying to get the best shot you could. So I was pretty delighted when a sequel was announced (we only had to wait 20 years or so!). And WOW is New Pokemon Snap a mellow and relaxing experience. First, it’s absolutely beautiful-easily one of the best looking Switch games. Just cruising through the levels and doing nothing but watching the gorgeous scenery lowers my stress level immensely! Second, the Pokemon are so well animated and full of whimsy that it’s a joy to watch them interact with each other and with items you use. Oh, and the actual gameplay where you get scored on your photography is fun and relaxing too! I strongly recommend this one for relaxation, even to casual or new Pokemon fans.

New Pokemon Snap for Switch, original N64 cart, camera, and Switch Player Pokemon Snap issue #52!
Check out Switch Player magazine for some great, detailed reviews of both big and indie Switch games!

What are your most relaxing Nintendo Switch games? Is there a game I missed and definitely need to try next time I need to de-stress? Do you have suggestions of games from other consoles? Let me know in the comments below!

7 thoughts on “The Most Relaxing Nintendo Switch Games”

  1. I’m sure by now you’ll have added Spiritfarer to your list of most relaxing games on Switch. I’m playing through that now between other more kinetic games.

    One that I found fantastic for unwinding recently was Loop Hero. You might not expect a roguelike to also be relaxing, but for me it hit this near perfect balance between relaxing and engaging.

    1. Oh I absolutely have. I did a whole review just on Spiritfarer since I found it so therapeutic when preparing for our move across the country! I love having a calmer, more chill game to play between sessions of a more intense game too.

  2. Roki is a very fun and relaxing game to play with little ones. There are a few cut scenes that can take you by surprise and can be very scary, however as whole it is a beautiful and calming game. Those scenes also make good conversations around what is real and pretend. And if it is pretend it can still be scary and that it is OK, but ultimately won’t hurt you.

    1. Thanks so much for the suggestion! I had never heard of Roki and just spend a few minutes watching gameplay videos-it looks wonderful and right up my alley! My oldest daughter is now 4 and starting to ask some “bigger” questions about life, so I think it’d be the perfect game to play through with her. Definitely going to pick it up soon!

  3. More (all) videogames need lavender. I think you’re on to something here.

    While not a Switch game (yet?) the SNES version of Sim City is one of the most relaxing games I can think of. The soundtrack, ability to choose how you build your city and ease of transitions between seasons of the year/financial planning is sublime. Mellow, melancholy, cheerful, hopeful, nostalgic and calm are some words I’d use to describe the feeling of playing Sim City.

    I’ve been a fan since the original 1989 PC game, so it’d be interesting to see how someone who is new to the series would find it.

    +1 to Yoshi’s Crafted World. It has a train level – perfect for your little ones and extremely calm. Can’t beat it. Take that, 2020!

    1. I’ve really never gotten into Sim City but you’re making a strong case for it, my friend! You know I’ve been debating picking it up on the SNES and this may seal the deal!

      Also we definitely need more lavender and Yoshi trains in our lives. Take that 2020, indeed 🙂

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